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Christian Record provides free Christian publications and programs for people with visual impairments.

Cohutta Springs

As an organization of the General Conference, Christian Record enjoys reaching out with free ministry resources in Braille, large print and audio to people who are blind in 65 countries and 13 divisions of the church each year. Within the United States and Canada, National Camps for Blind Children (NCBC), a program of CRSB, offers young and young-at-hearts a spiritual retreat and invigorating recreational and social opportunities.

During the last five years, Christian Record has introduced exciting new programs that are leading many people to Jesus. We want to share what the Lord is doing through these new programs.

The people we help

The 2011 CRSB Cohutta Springs Retreat promises to be a challenging and rewarding experience. When you attend this spiritual oasis, you will discover the benefits of a ministry partnership with Christian Record. You will learn how your annual commitment of $1,200 or more helps people who are blind see Jesus. This commitment can be made all at once at the retreat or throughout the course of the year.

Jesus is coming soon! The Bible promises that "every eye will see Him." Christian Record is working to help people who are blind see Jesus today so they may choose to be with Him when He comes.

Please be our guest at the Cohutta Springs Conference Center April 15-17, 2011

When people who are blind see Jesus, their lives are changed both now and for eternity. We encourage you to prayerfully consider joining us in this ministry opportunity. Leilani and I look forward to meeting you on Friday, April 15.


Larry Pitcher
CRSB President

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